What’s Standing In Your Way?

We all aiming to live our ‘dream’ life, to experience and connect. We all have a picture in our head how we want the life to look. To live our a full and balanced life, we are willing to do a lot. We eat healthy, exercise, practice yoga and try to think positively. However, sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Why? What’s standing in our way?

When life become hard and often doesn’t go the way we want it to, we blame external circumstances. But in reality is US who are standing in our way to harmonius life.

Unwanted circumstances are quite often a result of the opinion we have of ourselves. Our thoughts have lots of influence in our life, more than we are aware of. They drive our actions and emotions. It is hard to accept that our current NOW is a results of our inner state then outer world. The world we hold within resonante with the events happenig to us.

Here I listed some of the obstacles which often standing in our way to our dream life:

Fear of Failure or Success 

Fear can be uncomfortable and very powerful emotion that can interfere with our progress, sometimes without our even noticing. When we’re worried that we won’t achieve the goal we set out for ourselves, we just stop working at it. Actions motivated by fear fall into freeze or fright. Freeze makes us stop what we are doing and focus on fearful challenges. Fright mode can lead to hopelessness and depression. If fear creeps in for you, don’t let it stop you from reaching high in your goals. Instead, remind yourself that when you succeed or fail, you will learn, which will never be a waste of time. You can deal with the feeling of disappointment and pick yourself up to try again. Be aware of it but don’t let it to control your life.

On the other hand fear of succeeding is also as big as fear of failure. We can be sceared that someone can take it away from us or we will be not able to manage. Replace your fear with new knoweldge, get others to help you. There is lots of actsion you can take.

Loosing sight of WHY

It is important to connect with our WHY on daily basis. The WHY is the purpose, cause and belief that drives everyone of us. We live in a busy world with lots of information coming to us daily. It’s very easy to lose sight of why we chosen this path. Please note that your WHY is not your job. Job is only actsion you take to get you closer to your goals.

Holding on to the past

We tend to either idealize the past as being the best times or we blame it for the way our life turned out. Remember that no matter what we do, we can’t change it. Everyone has emotional baggage to carry, but the important factor is what we do with it. We can either learn and move on, or dwell on it which takes us to unwanted state. Don’t regard the past as a good or a dificult time, but as a motivation to make things better and find happiness again. Make sure to forgive yourself for past mistaks as it is necessary for self-healing.


Every day we ask ourselves, if we are good enough to succeed – especially us women. When we let nagging self-doubt get under our skin, we are sabotaging our happiness. Doubts are a result of low self-esteem. Direct your energy towards learning to accept and appreciate who you are. Is good to list all your achievements, even the smallest one.


I have spent much of my life trapped in the cycle of comparing myself to others. It was paralysed by insecurity and plagued by feelings of inferiority. Comparing ourselves to others and complaining about our shortcomings is truly waste of our precious time and energy. Prevents us from taking advantage of the greatest gift that exists – the present moment, from seeing beauty, truth and joy. So try to be aware of when you start comparing yourself to others and stop that right away. You will safe so much time and strenght to focus on you, yours blesings that life has given you.


We could go on and revise our work over and over again, it will never be perfect. Perfectionism may sound like a good thing, but believe me it’s entirely different from the reality. In mine experience seeking perfection is a losing battle. Give up being perfect for being authentic. That’s the real deal, discovering yourself, real love and life filled with joy and purpose.

Never give up on you!

Love & Shine always

Agnes xx







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