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Travelling with a dog has become very popular for a few years in Europe. All dog lovers want to go for the adventure with their lovely furry friends. We absolutely love taking Kala with us on holidays and she loves too.

Most of the countries established facilities and regulations for the people who are entering and leaving their countries with their dogs to make sure they travel safer and enjoyable.  

This article will walk you through our personal experience of travelling in Europe with our dearest dog Kala.  What’s more, you will get some tips and advice to follow when traveling with your dog in Europe.



Once in a year, we with our lovable dog Kala went on the trip in the car. We travel from the United Kingdom to Spain by passing through France. We take Eurotunnel so Kala can stay with us in the car comfortably. In the Eurotunnel, it is only 30 min crossing. When we reach France we travel from there with the couple stopovers until we reach to our final destination in Spain.

Our favourite towns in France apart from Paris is Dijon which is the capital of the ancient Burgundy area in eastern France. Dijon is famous for its building styles, gastronomic fair and vineyard tours. We love also Bordeaux, another most preferred town of France when travelling with Kala in Europe, and Tours where the photo was taken. 

Here some tips when traveling with your dog in Europe:

  • Book a pet-friendly hotel:

Most European hotels have a strict policy of no pet allowed, so before booking a hotel always check their policies. But a good news is that this change with time and more even the luxury hotels now accept dogs with extra charge to keep a pet with you. That’s why it is recommended to check earlier.  

  • Find close pet-friendly restaurants to eat:

As well, many places in Europe do not allow pets in the area where people eat food. That’s why after picking up the hotel, check out such close restaurants where you can eat while you have your pet along with you.  

  • Pet Passport / Pet Documentation

In Europe, if you are travelling in a car with your dog, you will feel amusable. But still, we recommend you to keep yourself safe from any problem make sure to keep dog passports issued by any official veterinarian with you.

We enjoy our travel with our loved dog Kala. Kala loves to travel with us and we love to travel with her.

Hope you also have a happy trip with your dog in Europe. Happy Travelling!


Love & Shine always



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