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SPAIN is one of my favourite destinations to travel, especially when my parents, husband, and adorable dog Kala accompany me. This vibrant, exciting, and bright country is a perfect destination for a European vacation. 



The culture, wealth of history, vibes, people, and everything else about Spain makes me super excited to visit it every year with my family. In fact, for the last five years, my family and I have been visiting Spain and enjoying every part of it. 

Although the country boasts plenty of places, I have a few personal favourites that I make sure to visit whenever I am touring around Spain. So, let’s have a look at those places. 

  • Barcelona

The second-largest city in Spain, Barcelona is a perfect blend of history and culture within a modern cosmopolitan metropolis. When we are in Platja D’aro, we never miss a chance to visit Barcelona, which is an hour away from the town. 

Being in Barcelona we recommend to visit Montserrat –  sitting atop the rocky mountain range the Benedict monastery. 


The colourful and bright Barcelona is a picture-perfect city. It has a lot to offer, including famous restaurants, bars, clubs, and more. And if you are a music lover, you will find live music played at the most popular bars until the early hour. Here myself next to the most important place to visit – La Sagrada Familia. 

  • Valencia

Another one of my favourite destinations to visit in Spain is Valencia. You can stroll around its beautiful streets, spectacular markets, and enjoy Paella — the best-known dish in Spanish cuisine. 

The most unusual and beautiful place to see is City of the Arts and Sciences. 

Another place to visit is of course La Rotonda the city famous round square.

Home to the Mediterranean side of Spain, this vibrant city has an abundance of art and culture to explore. You can find futuristic and impressive buildings in the city, like the interactive museum, planetarium, and oceanarium.

Valencia Cathedral is must visit as is located between the best payela restaurants.

And the least but ummisable are central markets in Valencia which my favourite is Colon Market (picture taken in January).

As Valencia is located on the coast, it also boasts some fantastic beaches. 

  • Castellón

If you are visiting Valencia, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Castellon. Until my recent visit, I had no idea about this region. But trust me, after visiting the place, I am in love with it and if you dont have a place to stay, I do recommend staying at playa de moncofa apartment

The gorgeous medieval hill towns, castles featured in the Game of Thrones series, and old farms set in orange groves, you can experience a lot in Castellón.

  • Moncofa

Located just 30 minutes from Valencia, the little town of Moncofa is a lovely treat for beach lovers.

It is close to the Natural Park of Sierra de Espada and has ample marine parks on the seashores. I really admire this small town for its greenery and orange groves. 

When in Moncofa, there is nothing better than enjoying sitting and watching the world go by. It is an entirely different experience which can’t be expressed in words. If you dont have a place to stay I do recommend this holiday apartment in moncofa by BlueHat Holidays.

  • Alicante

Last but not least, Alicante was the final destination during my trips to Spain. We stopped here first time in February 2019 where we enjoyed the beautiful sunset from Santa Barbara Castle.

Packed with markets, walking streets, and restaurants, the city of Alicante is quite inviting. We enjoyed some of the best ice creams and also visited Castillo de Santa Barbara, which is a prominent site in the city.

All in all, Spain is a stunning Mediterranean country that one should definitely visit with their family and friends at least once in their lifetime. Whenever I go on a vacation to Spain with my family, I try to explore new places and every time I fall in love with it. 


Love & Shine always



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