Power of friends

Friends are the family we choose ourselves which have a huge contributsion in making us who we are as individuals. They can help us celebrate good times and provide support during in bad times. 

Their importance in life is incredible. They are with us when we need them most in that hard times, when no one is there to give us a hand, they are there to tell us that all will be ok, they help us cope with our own perceived failures. They are there also when we share birthdays, holidays destinations or magical moments. We love them around!

They help us love ourselves even when we don’t feel like we are succeeding at anything in life. They can be the difference between stopping halfway up the mountain of your dreams or summiting it. This is why friends can not only change your life, but the world around you.

I feel blessed to have a fun group of strong and beautiful women around me, which inspire & empower me daily.I can’t imagine even how my life will look without them.

Friendship is an emotional lifeline, support network, and a powerful force for positive change in some of the world’s toughest places. Nourish your connections and they last lifetime.
Love and Shine always x

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