Perfection vs. Authenticity

Nobody’s perfect, right? I think we can all agree with that, but so many of us feel that we have to appear perfect when we’re on stage or on camera or when sharing our skills. On other hand perfectionism may sound like a good thing, but believe me it’s entirely different from the reality. Working hard toward improvement and growth is far less exhausting than trying to pull off looking perfect and knowing everything. I experienced that and I am still experiencing maybe less then before.

During the pandemic I decided to get the perfectionism out of the way and complete some of the projects which I started a time ago. I wasn’t ready then and I am not ready now, as in my eyes they are far from perfect to share it. And it is so funny as I always tell everyone that perfectionism kills many ideas and projects. I guess it is always easer to advice someone else then ourselves.

In mine experience seeking perfection is a losing battle. Give up being perfect for being authentic. That’s the real deal, discovering yourself, real love and life filled with joy and purpose. No one cares about having this ideal you as a friend or mentor they will care more about the authentic you as that is far more intresting. Just be yourself, your messy, beautiful self. Love who you are. Others will do too.

Don’t forget that what makes you vulnerable also makes you beautiful. Courage helps us to put our vulnerability on the line. It takes courage to own our stories and tell the truth about who we are. It doesn’t get braver then that.

Also VERY IMPORTANT please don’t mistake perfectionism for excellence, even they are related but they are opposite of this same coin. Excellence is fearless, anyone can do it, and it’s realistic. It is focused on the reason for a project, and the result for it to be a success. Perfectionism is a thief of time and drains your energy. It bullies and criticises you, and demands unreallistic outcomes. Based on my experience, perfectionists will do not complete things, not even start things, because of the fear not being able to do it perfectly. Perfectionism often causes procrastination. Fear of being unable to deliver perfect products causes them to completely avoid doing what needs to be done. And thats a real pity as there were and are lots of amazing ideas which never be or had been shared. So take the first step and appreciate who you are as this is the first step to be authentic in your life journey.

To end the blog here is a fact which I think is worth sharing  – the word authentic comes from the word author. So be the author of your story and share it with universe, do not wait for anyone else to give you permission, authorise yourself. Be yourself that all what matter to us.

Love & Shine always

Agnes xx


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