Know your soul

Have you ever wondered what you should do with your life? 

What you came here for? What are your strengths, your goals or your tasks to complete?

Why you enjoy certain tasks and some of activities makes you unhappy.

All that answers lie in our soul, her purpose and her skills. Our soul is the life force, the core, of our being. We can never experience fulfilment or contentment by suppressing the voice of our soul. It is equipped with preternatural knowledge and intuition.

Agnes dos Santos

What is certain that we came here to experience our life not live life of someone else. When we learn to align more with our soul each day, life seems to flow more naturally, and acting is less of a struggle.

We start feel a greater sense of freedom, joy, satisfaction, empowerment and inner peace. We love and accept our self deeply, even when things aren’t going perfectly to plan.

Unfortunately we’re not taught how to align with our soul, and after years of being controlled by the fears, worries and constant chatter of our ego, it can take a little patience to find our way to this place of safety and strength within us.


As a confidence coach I start the coaching process from – Know Your Soul- session, where with clients we learn about their soul path and desires. Numbers which are in our date of birth and name offer guidance in our life and give us a better understanding of who we are and what our soul’s journey is here in this lifetime. The day we were born is the exact day we were meant to enter the world. Even every letter of our name is shaping our reality. The vibration of our name reflects our soul’s intention in this lifetime. Is that not interesting? 

I love these sessions when we connect with our soul and all start make sense.

At Know Your Soul session you will learn about your life path (strengths, struggles). It reveals the person you are destined to become and the challenges you may be faced with in order to learn and grow into that person. Understanding the meaning of your life path number helps you see why things happen the way they do and gives you the power to move through any situation with purpose and intention. Apart of life path number you will learn your soul desire, talent, personality and destiny number and much more. It will become clear why you are the way  you are, it will help you to connect with your life and crate harmony within. You will build your life using your strengths and fulfilling your soul desires.

Here also  are 3 ways to get more in touch with our soul. You don’t need to do all of that daily but at list make the time for one or two of them each week can have a big impact on your happiness, inner harmony and life.

  • Practice gratitude 

If you want to experience the pureness of your soul, incorporating gratitude into your everyday life will help you open your heart and connect to your true essence: Love. Living from a state of gratitude is one of the keys to creating a happier, more fulfilling and abundant life. Gratitude is cultivating a mindful appreciation for life gifts and focus on what is good.

  • Meditate.

The best way to get to know the soul within is to sit still and embrace the silence. When you tune out from the noise of the world and your own internal worries and circling thoughts, your inner guide has a moment to speak to you. Try spending two to five minutes meditating with a soul calming mantra “I’ve got nowhere to go, nothing to do. Nowhere to go, nothing to do.”

  • Spend time in nature & barefoot walking

Nature can have a calming effect and reminds us to slow down, take deep breaths and soak up the present moment. Go for a long walk, run on the beach, lay in the grass at the park, or do stretches by the water. The Earth is full of wonderful energy and when there is a barefoot contact, free electrons from the Earth can be absorbed by our body. This energy can nourish our body, mind, and soul. Walking barefoot on grass  strengthens our feet, cure chronic pains, inflammation, insomnia, improve nervous system, eye-sight, immune system, hormonal imbalance but also improves our posture, relieve anxiety, protects our body from electromagnetic fields, slows down aging and helps in healing injuries faster. Go and try it!

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Love & Shine always



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