Gratitude is my strength

What is gratitude? Why is it worth being thankful?

How to be thankful every day?

The energy of thanksgiving or gratitude turns an ordinary day into a beautiful day. It adds strength and heals our body. Gratitude is the strength that is within us and makes us feel happier. Gratitude is not a talent or a character trait, it’s an attitude: like cooking or reacting to certain situations, it can be trained.

Gratitude in psychology is both an emotion and an inner predisposition of a person. We can feel it and show it to other people. It consists in being aware of being gifted and being content with what we have or what happens to us in life. Gratitude is the opposite of a constant complaining attitude and a demanding attitude.

As you probably know, we tend to focus on what we are not satisfied with and think so little about what good happened to us in our lives. So how to be in the energy of gratitude? How to be grateful every day?

1. Feel grateful. Stop for a moment on each thing you have done during the day and feel good about it. The moment you learn to feel true gratitude, you will see how strong, wonderful feeling it is. Keep this in mind, because this is about real gratitude.

2. Learn to be thankful for negative things as well. Try to find a positive lesson for yourself in each of them. Even if something happened to you that you don’t think deserves gratitude, try to find all the good points.

3. Give thanks for everything, even for seemingly minor and insignificant things. You will find that over time you will find more and more reasons to be grateful. This will be the best sign that you are starting to see more and more positives in your life.

4. It would be nice to spend at least 5 minutes on it – do this exercise in the morning or evening. It is important that you can find a moment of peace and relaxation. First, go through the events of this or the previous day in your head, finding what you are grateful for. Then move on to more general things – family, passions, friends, and plans. Also remember about little things.

You will notice the effects of practicing gratitude after a few days, so it’s worth trying. Remember that you have nothing to lose – practicing gratitude only takes 5 minutes a day!

This exercise will teach you a lot, it will change the way you look at certain things and it will also evoke very valuable emotions in you. Give yourself a chance and start being thankful today.

And here is a small hint, if you need some guidance…examples are below:

I am grateful for:

– a beautiful new day, breath in my lungs, working heart

– every trillion cells in the body that work hard for me to experience life

– for my health and my family

– tasty lunch, breakfast or dinner

– interesting film, simple walk

– a nice conversation with a friend

– the ability to make better decisions than  the previous ones

– pain and suffering that remind me of the need to change

– any failure that led me to new achievements and anyone who encouraged me not to give up

– clean water, new challenges, a moment to rest, restful sleep

– silence around me, the sound of rain, a new beginning that I receive every day

– learning something new, the freedom to make unlimited mistakes on the way to self-improvement,

– an interesting book or thought, a favourite song that cheers me up when I feel like giving up

– the ability to learn from mistakes

– nice service in the shop, at the hairdresser’s, a funny joke that cheered you up

– kindness of a stranger

– unexpected positive phone or message from a friend

– amazing moments that I haven’t experienced

– being able to be thankful no matter where I am or what I experience

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to be thankful. As soon as you start to notice them, your life will change irreversibly.

Love & Shine

Agnes xx



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