Conscious vs Subconscious

The conscious mind versus the subconscious mind is a difficult topic and is sometimes misunderstood by many. Therefore, today I will try to show the difference in the simplest possible way, and most importantly, help you understand what the conscious and subconscious mind is. Some of you may have just recognised one of them, and some of you are already working with both to make your life much better.

We all believe that we live consciously, and while we want it to be true, the reality is sometimes quite different. Why? Because we don’t live in the moment, we plan the future, we talk about the past and we try to run away from “now”. But before we even try to understand why this is happening, why we repeat certain behaviours and patterns, we should understand what the conscious and subconscious mind is.

conscious mind

Our conscious mind is our objective thinking mind. Our conscious mind has no memory and can only hold one thought at a time. So it essentially consists of what we are aware of at the moment, what we are thinking about at the moment. If we are aware of it, it means it is happening in the conscious mind. Our conscious mind is constantly observing and categorising what is happening around us.

I will give you a clear example so that you can understand your conscious mind even better.

Right now, you may be aware of the information you are reading here, the sound of the music you are listening, or the conversation you are having. All the thoughts that pass through your mind, the sensations and perceptions from the outside world, and the memories you bring into your consciousness are part of this conscious experience.

Our conscious mind has four basic functions: identifying, comparing (with previously stored information in the subconscious mind), analysing and deciding. So you can clearly see that the conscious mind is looking for an answer in our subconscious mind, that we repeat certain patterns all the time as a result of our habits and beliefs.

Let’s move on to our subconscious mind, which is much more complex and much larger than our conscious. You can compare the conscious mind to an ant, and the subconscious mind to an elephant. Do you see the difference in space?

conscious mind vs subconscious mind

All our thinking and habits are stored in our subconscious. The subconscious mind is responsible for the functionality of our body, it can do many things at once, store programs downloaded from observing situations, other people or our own. It is the part of our mind that records everything we do, remembers all our comfort zones and tries to keep us in them. So it is a “storehouse” of all remembered experiences, impressions, beliefs, emotions, feelings, imagination and values. The subconscious mind does not judge, does not know what is right and wrong, what is real and what is not. It is our brain’s hard drive that continuously programs our life data. It gives meaning to all our interactions with a world filtered by our beliefs and habits. It transmits information through our feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations and dreams. Every experience we have ever had, every thought lives in our subconscious, and therefore influences our patterns and behaviours much more than we realise.

What we achieve in our lives, work and relationships will usually be determined by the habits, beliefs we develop over time.

For example, if someone asks you now what was the best place you have visited or what your goals are, you will get information taken from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind makes us emotionally and physically uncomfortable when we try to do something new or different, or to change any of our established patterns of behavior. Feelings of fear and discomfort are signs that our subconscious has been activated.

For most of us, our conscious mind determines who we are. However, our conscious mind is actually only a small part of who we really are. Each of our beliefs is stored in our subconscious. So, as you can understand from the text above, the conscious mind tries to use willpower to control behavior, habits, and beliefs, but loses much to the greater influence of the subconscious mind. To lose weight, you can’t just stop eating cookies because your willpower will run out and the day will come when you eat even more cookies. Your habits that do not serve you must be reprogrammed in your subconscious mind because then you will use your inner power to make any changes.

Hope you are now more aware of why we behave a certain way or why we repeat the same mistakes a lot. To change, we have to work with our subconscious mind where we can reprogram our beliefs to make us stronger and happier. In order to maintain a harmonious bond between the conscious and the subconscious, we must be aware of what we are feeding our subconscious mind from the conscious level. Everything that prevents us from achieving our goals first appeared in our consciousness. Therefore, be aware of how you talk to yourself or let others talk to you.

Love & shine always,

Agnes xx


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